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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Everything is changing

Okay, well maybe Some things are staying the same J

Elders Smith and Truman "The Texas towers"

Even on their knees they are taller than my sweet girl

Given that this missionary momma is behind on blog posts. I will just post Dear Hermana Brightman’s email and skip the commentary. Though I do think the pictures need a little discussion. Elder Smith and Elder Truman are in the same zone with Hermana Brightman. It seems they have the tallest (6’7”) and the shortest (4’10”) missionaries in the Texas Dallas mission. 

Email from 30 March 2015

Hola todos!

Espero que todos estan bien! Esta semana fue MUY loco. Todas las cosas estan cambiandos. I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been crazy! Everything is changing.

Everything is changing. The work, the methods, the area, and us. We have a new branch mission leader, Hermano Gonzales. He is awesome and super passionate about missionary work. He knows what to do to help the branch and the community.

The entire nature of this work is changing to help us best utilize the tools we have been given. "An effective builder knows how and when to use every tool. And we are the builders of the Zion of our God."

As a result of this, we are changing how we teach. When teaching is our focus, changing how we teach really is changing who we are.

I am so much more humble and more acquainted with my Savior in a much more personal way than I was two months ago. Such a short time for so many changes. It's definitely a refiner's fire. And refiner's fire is most DEFINITELY a fire still. But its making me into all I can and all I need to be. And this is only the beginning. I'm excited to see what the future brings. 

Saturday was a blast! We went and washed the dogs of Familia Dominguez for our service and that was just a lot of fun and then later that evening the elders had a baptism! Leslie is 13 and just a little ray of sunshine! She knows what is true and I'm so happy she took this step. .... I didn't get any pictures there though :/ oops! It was Elder Allred's first baptism too. He was SO happy, it was awesome.

Yesterday I was looking over my notes from some past conference sessions and there are a few things I would like to share with you all.
"Believe in miracles. They come when every indication said that hope was lost. Hope is NEVER lost." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"God will love them forever, so what excuse do you have to do differently?"- President Henry B. Eyring

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees"

"Don't settle for GOOD. Try for BETTER. Aim for BEST".  (This has been continually reemphasized with all the changes. What we have been doing has been good. What we're starting is better, which is the first step on the road to best.)
 You're never too young to learn. You're never too old to change.

and finally, some last words of wisdom from a CCM relief society lesson.
"Un deseo no cambia nada. Una decision cambia todo." “A desire changes nothing. A decision changes everything.”

Don't forget to watch General Conference and invite your friends to do the same! This Saturday and Sunday!!

Also, go to and watch the new video "Because He Lives" and share with your friends.

The Lord is hastening His work in His way and His time.
Hermana Brightman

Volleyball at the zone party in Plano
Sister Taylor on the trampoline at the zone party

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