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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Cinder"Lauren" They found a teeny shoe and couldn't resist the photo op

They joined the tree in surprise that it is already conference time!
I started writing my favorite thoughts from conference…and several pages in I realized it might be better to say….listen to them at

Last week I became renewed in my goal. I want to be able to have Christ say of me "she has done all that she was commanded to do". That is my focus! That is why we are here! Of course with that renewed effort comes the renewed effort of Satan. He is working tirelessly to be sure our families cannot achieve such eternal goals. But I will remember, as was said in conference, to have eternal perspective. It is tricky sometimes, as a mother, to realize all the things, that really are your job, for the most part are not important in the eternities. Our families have to eat, be clean, have clean clothes, and have groceries but even though those are necessary in mortality, they are not the big picture. Now, to find that balance :') I will teach the dance and perform the music so my children will know the steps and have the opportunity to hear the music for themselves.

I love my Dear sweet missionary!! It was really awesome to be able to focus on conference and know that our sweet Hermana Brightman was listening to the same words of counsel and inspiration at the same time!! The Lord is good!!

Preparing for Conference
Email from 6 April 2015
                                Conference is always my favorite. But I don't think I ever enjoyed it quite as much before as I did this time. There's something different about listening to the leaders of the Church speak when we're "bearing the Lord's name on our shoulder", as a friend worded it beautifully.
I loved how much it really encouraged us to examine our souls and our motivations and the paths we are walking in this life. All of it is possible through the Atonement of Christ.

We need to really live what believe and what we know every day of our lives in everything we do. We need to take the risks to live what we believe. That's where faith comes in. I am inspired by the example of those in the Willie and Martin Handcart companies who crossed the plains in the snow and ice with hardly the necessities of life. An excerpt from one of the journals of a member of that company reads "The price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay." We must pay that price willingly and faithfully. If we do not yield to faith, we will become victim to pettiness, doubt, fear and jealousy.

The Good Samaritan helped his fellow man with the same portion of currency that Judas used to betray the Son of Man.

We must have and nourish even the very seeds of our faith and help them to take root in the fertile soil that comes with softened, teachable hearts. This requires action on our parts. Every day we face the test of our lifetimes. Will we follow Christ or the master of deception? We actively choose to believe just like we actively choose whether we obey the other commandments.

Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Be a REVOLUTIONARY. Just because you may feel like the majority is against you doesn't mean its actually so. You see, the problem we face in that regard is that the media and the fear and intolerance and stray from traditional values portrayed there in is the minority masquerading as the majority. We are still the solid majority. We are not alone in these beliefs. We want our voice to be heard above all the counterfeits so we must continue to project that voice.

Fear is hushed through faith in Christ. It is once we are acting in faith that we can follow on the path to receive all that we have been promised--and no one was foreordained to receive less than all the Father has to offer.

A saint is just a sinner who keeps on trying. Who we were doesn't have to be who we are.. heck, I'm living proof of that. Through Christ, my "weaker" moments now have become even stronger than my "stronger" moments before I came out.

"If we don't try, we're just Latter-Day sinners

If we don't persevere, we're just Latter-Day quitters

If we don't help others, we're just Latter-Day hypocrites"

Don't be a Latter-Day hypocrite.  In this world of me and mine, take caution not to forget Thee and Thine.

Shiblon. Dude, that was one awesome person. I want to be more like him. So many of you are Shiblon-like souls and I'm so grateful for your example.
We have all been saved by the grace of the Atonement of Christ, the real question we each need to ask ourselves is have we been CHANGED by Grace?

The future is as bright as our faith, so we can find joy in the journey. "When you come to the end of all the light and must step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen. Either your feet will be placed on solid ground or you will be taught to fly."

If you haven't watched Conference, I encourage you to go watch it at

If you haven't seen the beautiful #BecauseHeLives video, please go watch it at

If you're having hard times, take heart. "If at times you feel like the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people that have ever lived." Times are rough. We're bring the revolution of the knowledge of the truth to all the world and Satan doesn't like that. But we're so much stronger than he is for the Lord of Hosts is on our side.

If you need something to do, serve.

"The Savior stands triumphant over Death, though He stands on wounded feet. He extends abounding grace and mercy, though He extends them with pierced palms and scarred wrists."
Remember Him and His loving sacrifice and give a little back this week!

Take care. I love you all!

Hermana Brightman

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