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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Learn OF me

Hermana Brightman's Mission district with their hero
As this missionary momma watches the growth and development of my precious daughter my heart swells with gratitude for the opportunity she has to serve The Lord. It is true, that no one can miss our missionaries like their mommas, but I think because of that, no one can feel more complete and pure joy in their accomplishments.  Through her mission I am learning more of the pure love of Christ and the enabling power of the atonement of our Savior. I am gaining a greater understanding that we are not to “make this journey from good to great by ourselves, through sheer grit, willpower and discipline, and with our obviously limited capacities.” (David A. Bednar, In the strength of the Lord). It is the enabling power of the atonement that acts, “not [as our] booster engine,” but as “our constant source of energy” (Brad Wilcox, His grace is sufficient) to accomplish all that is required for good. 

 We were surprised to realize that Hermana Brightman hit her CCM hump day during this week. Can you believe it?!

HOLA TODOS! Estoy muy agradecida por la tecnología que ayúdame de hablar con ustedes cada semana! Es, en cerio, un miraglo. Este semana fue muy espiritual pero divertido también. Martes y Jueves, un distrito en nuestra zona left y les extrañamos. Pero esta bien. Son en Nueva York, changing the world y están trayendo de Cristo. (Hi everyone! I am very grateful for technology that helps me talk with you each week! It is, seriously a miracle. This week was very spiritual but also fun. Tuesday and Thursday a district in our zone left and we miss them. But it's good. They are in New York, changing the world and bringing them to Christ.)

También, estaba solo tres días este semana cuando todos nosotros estaban en la clase. There was a nasty flu and cold going around and all eight of us caught it. Entonces, la clase fue interesante. Pero!!! Todo esta bien :) Yo amo cada momento aquí en el CCM. (Also, there were only three days this week when we were all in class...Therefore, class was interesting. But!!! All is well :) I love every moment here in the CCM)

We sang (I still struggle with past tense, but it´ll come eventually) en el coro en Martes!! Fue MUY bien y MUY poderoso. Amo este canción. ( "Venid A Mi") (We sang in the choir on Tuesday!! It went very well and very powerful. I love this song. "Come to Me" )

La mayor parta del semana esta un "blur" pero Domingo? Domingo nunca esta como los otros días. Nunca. Y es maravillosa. (Most of this week was a blur, but Sunday? Sunday is not like any of the other days. None. And it's marvelous. )

En Relief Society, we learned sobre la carácter de Cristo y como podemos seguir a Su ejemplo. We listened a la canción "Through Heavens Eyes" para "Prince of Egypt". Fue muy poderoso. Todo el día fue muy poderoso, pero si. (In Relief Society we learned about the character of Christ and how we can follow His example. We listened to the song...It was very powerful. The whole day was very powerful, but yes. )

En la devotional , we listened a un discorso para Elder Jeffery R Holland en cuenta a becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary y devoting and consecrating nos mismos a (de?)  Dios. Este fue la tema de todo el día. Y le ayúdame de entender mi objectivo más que antes. (In devotional, we listened to a speech from Elder Holland about becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary and devoting and consecrating ourselves to God. This was the theme of the whole day. And it helps me understand the objective more than before. )

Hoy, we went al Templo. They are doing reconstruction, so we didn´t go in, pero we went al centro de visitantes y librería Zarahemla. Fue muy interesante, espiritual, y poderso. (Today, we went to the Temple...but we went to the visitors center and the Zarahemla Library. It was very interesting, spiritual, and powerful. )

No puedo describir todos mis pensamientos en las palabras, even in English. Pero, esto es lo que puedo decir. (I cannot describe all my thoughts in words, even in English. But, this is what I can say. )

There is a reason Christ says "come unto me and learn OF me". He never says "learn ABOUT me". This is because of the huge difference that resides in learning OF someone and learning ABOUT someone. If you have learned ABOUT someone, you can tell a story or give a presentation. You know who they were percieved as and what they did.  To have learned OF someone is completely different. You know all the little things about this person. You could recognize their voice in crowd, and you would immediately know when they walked into the room. You know WHY they were the way they were, and WHY they did the things they did. Christ did not command us to learn ABOUT Him. We are to learn OF Him, because it is through THIS process that He becomes our best friend and that we are able to take His atoning sacrifice personally.

"Take my yoke upon you and learn of me [....] for behold, my yoke is easy and my burden is light".

Yo sé que todas las cosas buenas en mi vida son por medio que Jesucristo es mi mejor amigo y mi Salvador. Yo sé que somos TODOS hijos de Dios y que nos ama. Él le ama y Él me ama. Yo sé que es por este amado que Dios nos da las escrituras y los profetas. Yo sé, con todo mi corazón, que las escrituras (la Biblia y el Libro de Mormón) son las palabras de Dios y que los profetas están llamando de Dios para ayudarnos. Yo sé, con todo mi corazón, que Dios nos contesta cuando oramos con un corazón sincero. Pero, también yo sé que no podemos expect una respuesta sí no preguntamos. Yo sé que la Expiación de Jesucristo fue para nosotros. Él mora para ayudarnos de vivir otra vez y volver con nuestro Amoroso Padre Celestial. Yo sé que tiene todo la misericordia y justicia y que los dos trabajar en unión. No puede tener un sin el otro. (I know that everything good in my life is through Jesus Christ, my best friend and my Savior. I know that we are ALL children of God and that he loves us. He loves you and He loves me. I know that it is by this beloved that God gives us the scriptures and the prophets. I know, with all my heart, that the scriptures (The Bible and the Book of Mormon) are the words of God and that prophets are called from God to help us. I know, with all my heart, that God will answer when we pray with a sincere heart. But, also I know that we cannot expect an answer if we don't ask. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for us. He died to help us live again and return with our Loving Heavenly Father. I know that they have all the mercy and justice and that those two (mercy and justice) work together. You cannot have one without the other.)

Un deseo no cambia nada. Una decisión cambia todo.

"A desire changes nothing. A decision changes everything".
Con amor siempre,

Hermana Brightman

One of five temples in which the angel Moroni is holding the gold plates

Intricate hallway which leads to a history of The Church in Mexico

Hermana Brightman's district outside the Mexico City Temple

The Hermanas with Christ

"We follow Christ" They do not need words, their examples speak loudly!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Package coupon code

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Missionary Package Mexico

Do you want to send Hermana Brightman a package? It couldn’t be easier!!! With packages starting as low as $2.50 for 100% juice boxes she can drink, you can’t go wrong! If you are unsure if it is something she can eat/drink, just text or message me on fb.
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Fast cars and Fat Cats

It does a missionary momma’s heart good to hear their awesomeamazingdearly missed daughter doing so well!! Can you just hear the excitement in her voice as you read the email?! As hard as it is to let go, and believe me THAT is the hardest thing I have done thus far in my life, it is amazing to see Hermana Brightman’s growth and enthusiasm!! The pictures are the cherry on top!!

Jumping for the joy of the gospel!!

Her name tag. She calls it her prize possesion

Hermanas Cloward and Brightman...Can you see all the impishness these two will get into??

Este semana fue un poco loco. Primero---Ana? Nuestra investigadora? Ella es ahora nuestra maestra. Despues de cinco lecciones (y el compromiso de sera bautizado) sabemos que no tiene los lecciones con ella otra vez. Porque eso dice nuestros maestros, Hno Silva y Hno Martinez, pero el proximo dia, Hno Martinez dice "There's going to be another teacher in here with me evening. Una hermana". Entonces, estamos como "...que?" è This week was a little crazy. First – Ana, our new investigator.. She is now our new teacher. After 5 discussions (and the baptismal challenge) we found out we would not be having discussions with her again. That’s what our teachers, Brother Silva and Brother Martinez said. But the next day, Brother Martinez said “There’s going to be another teacher in here with me this evening. A sister.” Then, we were like “what?” because we’d heard rumors that the investigator …
porque we'd heard rumors that the investigator would become a teacher, pero no creemos. èbut we didn’t believe it.  However, when he got done saying that and the door opened, in walked Hermana Resendiz. AKA Ana. We were all quite surprised (and un poco embarassed because she DOES speak English and so she understood everything we said when we would whisper "como se dice....?" "no se" and have to find different words). Esta bien though because she's awesome and we love her. "Ana" was actually based off of one of HER investigators in Chile (Santiago East Mission) and so we got to see pictures and hear stories about the REAL Ana. We were also really glad that our goodbye to her wasn't as permanent as we thought it would be. 

Last Tuesday we had a devotional from our area 70, Elder Villalobos, and it was incredibly poderoso. The Lord says countless times "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of Joseph. He says that because of their faith in Him. Would He be proud to say the same of us? Is our faith sufficient for our works?

It is so important to be exactly obedient. The children of Israel, after the death of Moses, were walking to the Promised Land and they would write king after king and say "we are going to walk straight to our destination. We will not turn to the right nor to the left. May we pass through your land?" and king after king would say no and send armies out to meet them. But as they stayed true to that and did not turn to the right nor to the left, they were aided by God. 

Our district has the strangest, most random conversations. It is ridiculous and hilarious. For example, one day we had a conversation about essential oils....which led to a conversation where we learned that there's a good chance Elder Richins was at a Christmas party with Mom's dentist. Random but true. Another happened just last night. It started out with irrational fears, and then went to Bigfoot and Cain, and then the flood, and then Aliens. I love how we have silly random conversations and can also be super spiritual together. 

We listened to a devotional Sunday night by Elder David A Bednar about the Character of Christ. It was a Christmas Devotional at the Provo MTC and I would LOVE if you all would go look it up because I want to share so much form it that there's no way I'd be able to cover it all. But it's wonderful. And I learned a lot. So go look it up :) 

I got super cold here this week so I ended up buying a hoodie from the tienda for at night and gym time. It has been so beneficial. I also bought a new waterbottle because my other one broke. We played volleyball as a district today con Hna Resendiz and it was super fun! But Hnas Fish and Schreiner left before Hna Cloward y I and so we got locked out of our casa because they were the ones with the key! We found some other girls from our casa though, and got in.

Also, the four of us are singing in choir at devo tonight! We´re singing "Come Follow Me" ("Vendid a Mi" en español)

Our classes are great. We spend 3 hours in the morning learning Spanish, learning how to teach by the spirit, and then having our teachers (who are also our investigators) coach us on what we could improve in our lessons, etc. then we spend another 3 hours in the evening doing the same. Every evening we have an hour to use a language software called "TALL". It hasn’t been able to connect to the server at BYU for the last few days though and so we had "district home evening" last night instead. 

My goal is to read all of El Libro de Mormon en español antes del 16 de marzo, when we leave for Texas. Tambien tenemos las metas de escrituras, palabras, frases, y de hablar. For the other hermanas and I, one of our goals for speaking is solo español during gym time. es MUY divertido porque jugamos mucho de "fusbol" y we get SUPER into it. We start shouting in spanish, name our players, and laugh a LOT! My fusbol skills are still pretty non existant but I'm going to be so much better at fusbol, pingpong, volleyball, and basketball when i get back!

There's so much more I want to say but I{m almost out of time so I{ll close with the story behind the title.

Hno Martinez LOVES stories and parables. He told us a few this week. One was about our potential as missionaries in comparison to a Ford Mustang. If a Supercharge was painted pink and covered with Hello Kitty and never drove over 10 kph, it would feel like it wasn’t living up to its potential at all and would spend its life questioning itself. If it was painted with flames and sped down a stretch of road at 120 kph, it would know that was what it was made for. We need to be the flame-painted Supercharge. Not the Hello Kitty one. 

The other was a fable about a skinny cat and a fat cat. The skinny cat was afraid he was going to die, so he asked his cousin, the fat cat, how he was getting so much food. Fat cat showed him. he put his mouth by the mouse hole and barked. He stepped back and a mouse confidently walked out because he thought, since he heard a dog, there was no cat around. Fat cat ate him and showed his cousin (and us) the importance of being bilingual. ;)

That's all for this week!

Con Amor,

Hermana Brightman

Some pictures from last week. 
Hermanas at the SLC airport
Hermana Brightman with her plane buddy Hermana Bess
Getting ready to board the bus from Mexico City airport on her quest to the CCM
The whole gang on the bus
Her companion Hermana Cloward
District Volleyball

Life in the CCM 
Hermanas of 14 A
Hna Cloward using the washboard.
What?! The shortest one...who would have guessed? HaHaHa!
 Love her so much!!!
District Hermanas
Hermana Schreiner (one of the Hnas from her district)
Hermana Fish (from her district) and Hermana Resindiz (AKA Ana)
Her district Hermanas
She got her care package from Missionary Package Mexico! Makes momma happy to see her enjoying her favorite!
a mural she likes
Model of CCM

14 C left this Hermana Brigthman's group aren't the greenies (new missionaries- for those who do not know the term).
Hermana Brightman loving life!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The First P-Day Email!!!

Oh how amazing it was to hear from our sweet Hermana Brightman!! There was a LOT of Spanish in the email (so much that this gringo momma had a hard time wading through it!). Missionary Daddy is awesome and added some translations for some of the more linguistically challenged of us :-)

She is doing so great!! It was amazing to hear all the changes in just a week!

Only two pictures, because the photos were not uploading. She only has an hour a week to email and could not wait for them. Hopefully they will cooperate more next Tuesday!! 

On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 1:32 PM, Lauren Brightman <> wrote:

Hey everyone!

I'm going to apologize in advance because I already know this email is going to be pretty hard core Spanglish.

Yo no pienso solo en ingles. Mucho Spanglish, si, pero no solo en ingles.( I don´t even think just in English any more)
==> I don't think only in English. Much Spanglish, but not just in English

It's so incredible here! I love my companion and my district so much! And just this whole experience!
Este muy interesante how much una persona puede change en solo una semana.
==> It's interesting how much a person can change in just one week

It's also interesting to think about life before the CCM y la persona que (==> MTC and the person that) I was before this.
Si, it´s only been one week, pero yo no soy el mismo de antes. 
==> Yes it's only been one week but I am not the same as before

Somethings that really stood out me to from this week, spiritually, have helped me to become
una mejor persona y hija de Dios.
==> a better person and daughter of God

 La primera cosa es este:
==> The first thing is this:

It's so essential to take everything about this gospel personally.

Jesucristo no es solo el Salvador del mudo, pero es MI Salvador y SUS Salvador tambien.
Jesus Christ is not only the Savior of the world, but is MY Savior and YOUR Savior also.

He went through la Expiacion (Atonement) willingly for each one of us. And given the opportunity, He would willingly do it again. Not just for TODAS( ==> all), pero (==> but) just for one of us. If any one person needed it, He would willingly and lovingly CHOOSE to go through todas las cosa un otro ves. (==> everything one more time) So we had better take it personally.
El segundo es este: (==>The second is this) Si su sabes el poder de Jesucristo y si su really ama Dios (If you know the power of Jesus Christ and you really love God), there is nothing that can stop you from sharing that love with others. 

Yo aprendara muchas cosas este semana, y yo se que es porque este un poder enabling por medio de la Expiacion de Jesucristo.
==> I learned many things this week, and I know that it is because there is a power enabling through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

We got our first investigator on Friday (after solo UN leccion de español!) (==> after only one Spanish lesson) y we have been able to teach and communicate much with Ana.

Ella no hable ingles (==> She doesn't speak any English)..... at all! So yo se que es solo del poder de Cristo que puedemos (==>so I know it is only by the power of Christ that we can) talk and share so much with her and understand what she says. 

People always say this is the hardest thing you will ever do. They're not wrong. I haven't done anything even close to this hard before in my life! The only time we spend in our rooms during the week is to get ready for the day and get ready for gym time and for bed. The only other times we have that we aren't teaching or studying between 645am when we go to class and 930pm when we get home is used for meals and gym time.

PERO, los desafios no estan nada in comparison to the gozo y paz tenemos aqui.
(== >BUT, the challenges are nothing in comparison to the joy and peace we have here)

The hard times pale in comparison to all the good experiences and fun memories we are creating. 

Our district (Elder Herron, Elder Wasden, Elder 'Otuafi, Elder Richins, Hermana Fish, Hermana Schriener, y yo y mi compañera (==> and I and my companion) Hermana Cloward) gets along so well and have the best maestros (Hermano Silva y Hermano Martinez) that there's never a dull moment. Las hermanas y Elder Richins are all going to Dallas, y Elder 'Otuafi is going to Fort Worth! Elderes Wasden y Herron are going to Philidelphia. 

I think one of the funniest things to happen all week probably happened yesterday during gym time. Yo y las otras hermana (==> I and the other sisters) were playing basketball- y Hma Schriener went to pass the ball to Hma Fish. Pero, Hma Schriener thought there was a lot more space between them than there was because el sol esta en sus ojos (==> the sun was in her eyes). Pero (==> but), she went to pass the ball and Hma Fish was right in front of her and she accidentally hit her in the forehead. It wasn't hard and didn't hurt her, pero todas (==> but everyone) stood there for  a second and were all just like "uhh.... what just happened?" Tambien, (==> also) we played volleyball as a district en viernes....o sabado.... no recuerdo.... pero esta divertido! (==> on Friday, or Saturday, I don't remember, but it was fun)

There are so many other things that I want to write, but I´ve got several emails left to read y I couldn't fit all the stories into an hour anyways! 

Pero yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero y yo se que somos todos los hijos de Dios. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y el salvador del mudo. Yo se que todas las cosas seran possibles para Cristo y Su expiacion. Yo se que Dios nos ama. 
==> But I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know that we are all the children of God. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and the savior of the world. I know that all things are possible with Christ and His atonement. I know that God lives.

Y yo se que todas las cosas buenas en mi vida estan porque Jesucristo es mi salvador. 
==> And I know that all good things in my life are because Jesus Christ is my savior.

It's only been a week but I'm already more than twice the person I was when I left and less than half the person I know I can become. I started out this journey last Miercoles (==> Wednesday), honestly, as a little girl. And I already know I'm going to come back a lady and a woman of God. And I can't wait to see what other surprises and experiences the journey brings along the way!

Con amor, (==> With Love)
Hermana Brightman

Just off the bus from the airport :-) no captions with pictures

At the CCM (Mexico MTC)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Made it to Mexico!

Here is the email she got to send when she arrived.

I made it to Mexico and have a  minute to email! 
My p-day will be TUESDAY while I am here

Talk to you Tuesday and send pics. Love you!

Your Missionary's mailing addres is:
Sister Lauren Alexandra Brightman
16 Mar 2015 14-A
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

Sending Herman Brightman off to Mexico City MTC

Lauren got set apart Tuesday evening, changing her status to Hermana Brightman ! How exciting!! Our first missionary. The first grandchild missionary for Grandma Zelda and Pap Joe, fourth grandchild missionary for Grama and Grampa Bear, but their first Sister missionary. What a wonderful example she is!! Oh how we love her!!

We left for the Seattle airport *early* arriving at 4 am. 
Hermana Brightman was still bright-eyed! 

Bright-eyed and ready to Serve ! (though she was concerned I wouldn't get the photo taken before we got to the top of the escalator Ha!Ha!)

So precious! She is going be a GREAT missionary!! Dad is trying to stump Sean and Roy with airport codes :-)

One proud missionary momma!!

Okay, dad is equally as proud of her :-)

She was her effervescent self when she met up with 3 other missionaries at the gate. It sure calmed my heart and made the send-off so much easier! The other sister is going to Hermana Brightman's roomate's mission :-)  

What a force for good!! The elder at the end was also on his way to the Mexico City MTC.

And She is off!! See you in 18 Months my precious! Watch out Texas!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A visit with family

We were able to visit with extended family last week in New mexico. YAY! The trip had been planned an postponed several times. 

Grampa Bear picked us up at the airport in Albuquerque. Thanks Grampa!!
We were able to go visit cousin Hope and second cousin Benjamin Sam. Lauren had not met Benjamin yet, so it was super fun! Poor Benjamin got woke up from a nap to play with us, but he was still a good sport :-)

Lauren, Hope and Benjamin Sam. You can catch Lauren's cousin, Lamoni,  making a cameo appearance in the photo over Lauren's shoulder :-) 

Benjamin loved being outside. He was telling Lauren all about a helicopter he saw.

The sweetest kisses!! He would put his lips on your cheek and say "Mwahh" So Cute!!

Next we went to cousin Jason's house. Lauren got to meet Jared Kenneth ( just 10 days older than Benjamin). For those reading who are not family, Jason and Lamoni Sam are brothers- married to Faith and Hope (sisters). 

Jared Kenneth with his Dad Jason and Mom Faith

What cuties!! Lauren with the cute second cousins, Natalie, cousin Faith, Lydia, Adalena and Grampa Bear

Jared Kenneth decided it was okay to sit with Lauren when he wasn't kicking the ball :-)

Spending time with Grama and Grampa Bear is always fun! The weather decided to cooperate with a BBQ on Thursday :-) Grampa braved the cold to grill us some steaks. YUM!

Grampa is such a great example! He is always willing to go and serve others! 

Uncle Mel was cracking us up! :-) Uncle Mel and Aunt Melinda are such fun! We were thankful we got to see them before they headed up to Salt lake. 

Picture not available

We had so much fun with Grandma Zelda!! We laughed and played. Lauren and Grandma faced off in a game of seek and Zion (Sean checked, it was printed in 1952!) We love Grandma Zelda! We were having so much fun I totally forgot to take pictures! Agh! Sorry Grandma!

We got to go visit Lauren's Great Aunts Vickie and Evelyn (Grampa Bear's sisters). We were late and caught Aunt Evelyn just as she was leaving for a hair appointment. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with her. We DID get hugs and kisses, which are better :-) This is Aunt Vickie and Lauren. We were able to get to New Mexico in time to visit with her before she heads back to her home in Georgia. 

Lauren and missionary momma's second cousin Lauri. Why yes, Lauri is on her knees. So funny!! Such a smart alec, just like her mother! Love her!!

Lauren, Lauri and Aunt Vickie. You can't tell in these photos, but the women from the Fuller line (Aunt Evelyn, Aunt Vicky, Aunt Melinda, missionary momma,  and Lauren) all share a lack of height :-) Lauren is actually about the same height as Grampa Bear's grandmother and taller than his great grandmother!

Lauren enjoyed some snuggle time with Grama Bear's cat, Princess

And Aunt Melinda's dog Pumpkin. AWW isn't she precious!

We had a marvelous time visiting with family!! It was a great boost to Lauren, before she left. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedules to visit with us!! Love you all!!