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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Learn OF me

Hermana Brightman's Mission district with their hero
As this missionary momma watches the growth and development of my precious daughter my heart swells with gratitude for the opportunity she has to serve The Lord. It is true, that no one can miss our missionaries like their mommas, but I think because of that, no one can feel more complete and pure joy in their accomplishments.  Through her mission I am learning more of the pure love of Christ and the enabling power of the atonement of our Savior. I am gaining a greater understanding that we are not to “make this journey from good to great by ourselves, through sheer grit, willpower and discipline, and with our obviously limited capacities.” (David A. Bednar, In the strength of the Lord). It is the enabling power of the atonement that acts, “not [as our] booster engine,” but as “our constant source of energy” (Brad Wilcox, His grace is sufficient) to accomplish all that is required for good. 

 We were surprised to realize that Hermana Brightman hit her CCM hump day during this week. Can you believe it?!

HOLA TODOS! Estoy muy agradecida por la tecnología que ayúdame de hablar con ustedes cada semana! Es, en cerio, un miraglo. Este semana fue muy espiritual pero divertido también. Martes y Jueves, un distrito en nuestra zona left y les extrañamos. Pero esta bien. Son en Nueva York, changing the world y están trayendo de Cristo. (Hi everyone! I am very grateful for technology that helps me talk with you each week! It is, seriously a miracle. This week was very spiritual but also fun. Tuesday and Thursday a district in our zone left and we miss them. But it's good. They are in New York, changing the world and bringing them to Christ.)

También, estaba solo tres días este semana cuando todos nosotros estaban en la clase. There was a nasty flu and cold going around and all eight of us caught it. Entonces, la clase fue interesante. Pero!!! Todo esta bien :) Yo amo cada momento aquí en el CCM. (Also, there were only three days this week when we were all in class...Therefore, class was interesting. But!!! All is well :) I love every moment here in the CCM)

We sang (I still struggle with past tense, but it´ll come eventually) en el coro en Martes!! Fue MUY bien y MUY poderoso. Amo este canción. ( "Venid A Mi") (We sang in the choir on Tuesday!! It went very well and very powerful. I love this song. "Come to Me" )

La mayor parta del semana esta un "blur" pero Domingo? Domingo nunca esta como los otros días. Nunca. Y es maravillosa. (Most of this week was a blur, but Sunday? Sunday is not like any of the other days. None. And it's marvelous. )

En Relief Society, we learned sobre la carácter de Cristo y como podemos seguir a Su ejemplo. We listened a la canción "Through Heavens Eyes" para "Prince of Egypt". Fue muy poderoso. Todo el día fue muy poderoso, pero si. (In Relief Society we learned about the character of Christ and how we can follow His example. We listened to the song...It was very powerful. The whole day was very powerful, but yes. )

En la devotional , we listened a un discorso para Elder Jeffery R Holland en cuenta a becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary y devoting and consecrating nos mismos a (de?)  Dios. Este fue la tema de todo el día. Y le ayúdame de entender mi objectivo más que antes. (In devotional, we listened to a speech from Elder Holland about becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary and devoting and consecrating ourselves to God. This was the theme of the whole day. And it helps me understand the objective more than before. )

Hoy, we went al Templo. They are doing reconstruction, so we didn´t go in, pero we went al centro de visitantes y librería Zarahemla. Fue muy interesante, espiritual, y poderso. (Today, we went to the Temple...but we went to the visitors center and the Zarahemla Library. It was very interesting, spiritual, and powerful. )

No puedo describir todos mis pensamientos en las palabras, even in English. Pero, esto es lo que puedo decir. (I cannot describe all my thoughts in words, even in English. But, this is what I can say. )

There is a reason Christ says "come unto me and learn OF me". He never says "learn ABOUT me". This is because of the huge difference that resides in learning OF someone and learning ABOUT someone. If you have learned ABOUT someone, you can tell a story or give a presentation. You know who they were percieved as and what they did.  To have learned OF someone is completely different. You know all the little things about this person. You could recognize their voice in crowd, and you would immediately know when they walked into the room. You know WHY they were the way they were, and WHY they did the things they did. Christ did not command us to learn ABOUT Him. We are to learn OF Him, because it is through THIS process that He becomes our best friend and that we are able to take His atoning sacrifice personally.

"Take my yoke upon you and learn of me [....] for behold, my yoke is easy and my burden is light".

Yo sé que todas las cosas buenas en mi vida son por medio que Jesucristo es mi mejor amigo y mi Salvador. Yo sé que somos TODOS hijos de Dios y que nos ama. Él le ama y Él me ama. Yo sé que es por este amado que Dios nos da las escrituras y los profetas. Yo sé, con todo mi corazón, que las escrituras (la Biblia y el Libro de Mormón) son las palabras de Dios y que los profetas están llamando de Dios para ayudarnos. Yo sé, con todo mi corazón, que Dios nos contesta cuando oramos con un corazón sincero. Pero, también yo sé que no podemos expect una respuesta sí no preguntamos. Yo sé que la Expiación de Jesucristo fue para nosotros. Él mora para ayudarnos de vivir otra vez y volver con nuestro Amoroso Padre Celestial. Yo sé que tiene todo la misericordia y justicia y que los dos trabajar en unión. No puede tener un sin el otro. (I know that everything good in my life is through Jesus Christ, my best friend and my Savior. I know that we are ALL children of God and that he loves us. He loves you and He loves me. I know that it is by this beloved that God gives us the scriptures and the prophets. I know, with all my heart, that the scriptures (The Bible and the Book of Mormon) are the words of God and that prophets are called from God to help us. I know, with all my heart, that God will answer when we pray with a sincere heart. But, also I know that we cannot expect an answer if we don't ask. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for us. He died to help us live again and return with our Loving Heavenly Father. I know that they have all the mercy and justice and that those two (mercy and justice) work together. You cannot have one without the other.)

Un deseo no cambia nada. Una decisión cambia todo.

"A desire changes nothing. A decision changes everything".
Con amor siempre,

Hermana Brightman

One of five temples in which the angel Moroni is holding the gold plates

Intricate hallway which leads to a history of The Church in Mexico

Hermana Brightman's district outside the Mexico City Temple

The Hermanas with Christ

"We follow Christ" They do not need words, their examples speak loudly!

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