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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The fastest week EVER

The Hermanas got their door post-it attacked :-)

I know God lives! I know He knows and loves each of us personally! I know that we are able to receive personal revelation regarding our own life, and those in our charge. Though Hermana Brightman is not exactly “in my charge” right now, still as the missionary momma I am privileged to receive revelation on how to best help and support her. One morning (I think it was Monday, but I did not write it down so I can’t be sure it wasn’t Thursday or Friday :-) I agree, this week flew by) I was going about my morning routine when an overwhelming sense of urgency came over me. I hit my knees, right then and there, and began to pray with all the fervor of my soul for my sweet Lauren. I prayed as hard as a missionary momma can pray (and let me tell you, that is a pretty strong prayer)!! Fast forward to Tuesday…P-day…email day!! Her email starts with

“Hey guys! emails will be shorter (length not time) today cuz I dropped a weight on my hand and it hurts to use both to type. (also why letters today will look a little funny cuz they were written with my left hand) but no need to worry! all is and will be well!”

So naturally I didn’t panic….yeah, right! Actually, I didn’t do too bad (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it) J The first thing I thought was how thankful I was that the Lord let me know that I needed to pray for my sweet missionary to have extra strength! I am so thankful for my connection with my Savior and with my family. Then she continued to reassure me that she really was okay, so I really did end up not panicked.

Here is her short, but super sweet (like her) all English email.

Seriously this week has been so fast.

I have found a renewed sense of focus and enthusiasm. My whole district has. We leave in 2 weeks!!!

"The next time you look at the world and just think darkness and doomsday, open your eyes and LOOK AROUND at all the good." that was the theme of church this week. That and it´s not easy because it´s not supposed to be easy. This life wasn´t easy for our Savior, and HE was perfect.

He reaches out and staves our lives and gives us hope EVERY DAY.

Read John 15:13 and cross reference it to 1st Nephi 21:16, john 16:33 and Alma 7:11-12

Also watch “The Testaments: of one fold and one Sheppard"

It is soooo powerful!!! Also, the village it portrays is laid out almost exactly like Teotihuacan, which was super cool to be able to have that to reference it to!

Last but not least, there is a BIG difference between the words ordenó y ordeñó. One is to ordain, the other is to milk. We had a nice laugh about that one in class ;)

Give your heart to God and move on, leaving the past in the past and letting the future take care of itself!

Con Amor,

Hna Brightman

Not many pictures this week, as she said, it flew by.
Goofing around on the playground behind their house.
She got some really awesome woven scripture covers

Hardworking Hermanas...and fun-loving girls!

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