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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A visit with family

We were able to visit with extended family last week in New mexico. YAY! The trip had been planned an postponed several times. 

Grampa Bear picked us up at the airport in Albuquerque. Thanks Grampa!!
We were able to go visit cousin Hope and second cousin Benjamin Sam. Lauren had not met Benjamin yet, so it was super fun! Poor Benjamin got woke up from a nap to play with us, but he was still a good sport :-)

Lauren, Hope and Benjamin Sam. You can catch Lauren's cousin, Lamoni,  making a cameo appearance in the photo over Lauren's shoulder :-) 

Benjamin loved being outside. He was telling Lauren all about a helicopter he saw.

The sweetest kisses!! He would put his lips on your cheek and say "Mwahh" So Cute!!

Next we went to cousin Jason's house. Lauren got to meet Jared Kenneth ( just 10 days older than Benjamin). For those reading who are not family, Jason and Lamoni Sam are brothers- married to Faith and Hope (sisters). 

Jared Kenneth with his Dad Jason and Mom Faith

What cuties!! Lauren with the cute second cousins, Natalie, cousin Faith, Lydia, Adalena and Grampa Bear

Jared Kenneth decided it was okay to sit with Lauren when he wasn't kicking the ball :-)

Spending time with Grama and Grampa Bear is always fun! The weather decided to cooperate with a BBQ on Thursday :-) Grampa braved the cold to grill us some steaks. YUM!

Grampa is such a great example! He is always willing to go and serve others! 

Uncle Mel was cracking us up! :-) Uncle Mel and Aunt Melinda are such fun! We were thankful we got to see them before they headed up to Salt lake. 

Picture not available

We had so much fun with Grandma Zelda!! We laughed and played. Lauren and Grandma faced off in a game of seek and Zion (Sean checked, it was printed in 1952!) We love Grandma Zelda! We were having so much fun I totally forgot to take pictures! Agh! Sorry Grandma!

We got to go visit Lauren's Great Aunts Vickie and Evelyn (Grampa Bear's sisters). We were late and caught Aunt Evelyn just as she was leaving for a hair appointment. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with her. We DID get hugs and kisses, which are better :-) This is Aunt Vickie and Lauren. We were able to get to New Mexico in time to visit with her before she heads back to her home in Georgia. 

Lauren and missionary momma's second cousin Lauri. Why yes, Lauri is on her knees. So funny!! Such a smart alec, just like her mother! Love her!!

Lauren, Lauri and Aunt Vickie. You can't tell in these photos, but the women from the Fuller line (Aunt Evelyn, Aunt Vicky, Aunt Melinda, missionary momma,  and Lauren) all share a lack of height :-) Lauren is actually about the same height as Grampa Bear's grandmother and taller than his great grandmother!

Lauren enjoyed some snuggle time with Grama Bear's cat, Princess

And Aunt Melinda's dog Pumpkin. AWW isn't she precious!

We had a marvelous time visiting with family!! It was a great boost to Lauren, before she left. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedules to visit with us!! Love you all!!

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