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Friday, May 29, 2015

A miracle in its own right

Love our Hermana talking with her hands!! Love her!!

We love Hermana Brightman!! It was so AMAZING to Skype with her on Mother’s day! The time went too quickly, but it was so wonderful to hear her voice and see her face! I especially loved when she bore her testimony in Spanish. I did not need translation. My heart could feel the truth of her words and her conviction!

Roy (brother 2) has more pictures from our Skype event, but they are still on his camera. 

Email from 11 May 2015

Hey everybody!!

I just want to focus today's email on how every tender mercy is a miracle in its own right.

I get to watch people learn and grow in their faith of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Redeemer every single day. Whether they have never had a faith in God before or have been active faithful members in whatever church they belong to, there is always room and ways to grow closer to God. If that's not a tender mercy miracle, I don't know what is! It's amazing to be here with these people (investigators, contacts, other missionaries, ward members, everyone) and watch them learn and grow and see the light of Christ illuminate their faces as we are all uplifted, edified, and a little more connected to our Father in Heaven.

Monday we encountered some AMAZING people with some INCREDIBLE stories as we were contacting. We're going back to meet with a few of them again today.

Tuesday I got to spend the day on an exchange with my friend Hermana Fish and it was so great to work with her, as it has been with all my CCM hermanas!

 Wednesday we had a zone meeting and I got start to understand why planning is so important.
Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the temple with a few very specific questions in mind and then had a zone conference afterwards, where I learned more about planning and its importance not just here but throughout my life.

Friday we heard from some investigators that we hadn't been able to get ahold of for various medical reasons.

Saturday we were able to go and look for some less actives in the branch that we'd never met. We didn't find anybody who still lived there, but we did meet some very nice people.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I got to skype my family! That was so amazing! It was so great to see them and hear them again!

Small miracles are still miracles, and that we have them is something that we can't afford to take for granted. Search out the tender mercies in every day. I promise you they're there. I promise you you'll find the miracles as you look for them.

I love you all!

Hermana Brightman

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